Big Bend Archeological Society

Thank you for your interest in Texas archeology and the archeology of the Big Bend.

The Big Bend Archeological Society was established for the purposes of bringing together persons with an active interest in the cultural heritage of the Big Bend region, to actively promote the preservation and conservation of archeological and historic resources of the region, and to actively discourage the destruction of the  cultural heritage that occurs through such things as relic collecting, unscientific digging, and illegal importation and commercial trade in archeological materials.

Members will not disturb any archeological or historical site or feature, or disturb or collect the objects therein except under the instruction, supervision, or direction of a professional archeologist and in accordance with State and Federal antiquities laws, statutes, and regulations.

Individuals may become members of the Society upon payment of dues and upon agreement to adhere to the society’s Code of Ethics by signature.  Dues shall be twenty dollars ($20) per person per year, due at the first of each calendar year.

I pledge that I will not intentionally violate the terms and conditions of any State or Federal cultural resource protection laws, regulations, or antiquities codes, as they exist or shall be hereafter amended or enacted, or engage in the practice of buying or selling artifacts for commercial purposes or engage in the willful destruction or distortion of archeological data or disregard proper archeological field techniques.

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